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*Z-6 Sector. Several strange inactive satellites float in a formation in space between the stars. Close by, space is distorted as the dim outline of the U.S.S. Black Phantom decloaks. It moves at one half impulse to each satellite and transmits a code, causing them one by one to turn on. When the last is activated, they all flash as a massive cloaking field is disengaged. In total darkness, only the blotting out of stars reveals the presence of a lone and mysterious drydock.*

Voporak: There it is.

Mirra: Still the same as you left it, absolutely everything powered down. There is not even any antimatter in the warp core.

Voporak: Good. It's time to wake her up. You have the bridge.

*Voporak gets up and goes to the turbolift*

Deck 5.

*In the shuttlebay at the bottom of the ship, Voporak walks in wearing his custom designed armor suit and carrying the helmet. It used to be a standard MACO suit, but is now very heavily modified and acts also for EVA protection.*

Voporak: Open the door.

*The circular bay door in the center of the room's floor pulls apart, and through the forcefield the giant, dark shape can be seen just about 100 feet below.*

Ready to go.

Shuttlebay Officer: Good luck, sir.

*Voporak puts on and locks his helmet and steps onto the forcefield. He activates his shoulder thrusters, which propel him out of the bay and down towards the object. Above him, Voporak can see the flashing lights of the ship, and below him a shadow coming closer. As he touches down, Voporak activates the magnetic boots which hold him onto the hard metallic surface. Looking at the built in tricorder on his wrist, he slowly makes his way to a certain spot. Voporak bends down and finds a small hole in the surface. He takes out of his suit a small piece of tritanium attached to a power cell. Voporak plugs it into the hole, which fits the piece perfectly, and the cell activates. The tiny battery is just enough to bring alive the long unused circuits and conduits of the dark thing. Far off, Voporak can see lights come online in pairs, illuminating two warp nacelles. As more light up, the stardrive's outline can be seen. Finally, a huge saucer section appears in space. Standing on top of the glowing bridge, Voporak watches the frontal floodlight reveal a name and registry: U.S.S. Dreadnought NX-92974.
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