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Originally Posted by scruffyvulcan View Post
I didn't even notice that the Enterprise was destroyed. I was too busy screaming about the way they completely disrespected the legacy of James T. Kirk.

"I just want to make a difference..."

Okay. So the 50 million times you saved the entire galaxy wasn't making a difference?
I didn't like the manner of Kirk's passing. Yes, he saved billions of pre-warp lives, but there was this huge disconnect between his final efforts and just a casual comment or two about these lives. There should have been footage of the saved society, children playing in the streets, courting couples, families picnicking...something to give the audience a point of relationship, to tie them emotionally to the people being saved. OR, if there was a way Kirk's efforts could have prevented the disaster to the Enterprise...then there would have been a feeling of deep meaning to Kirk's sacrifice. Not just "it was fun" (though I realize this quote had a double meaning and summed up Shatner's experiences as Kirk)