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06-29-2013, 10:45 PM
I realize the non-canonical deck, including STO, is stacked against this opinion, and I realize its been said that Gene Roddenberry might have considered a bit of retconning by speculating that the machine planet which reshaped Voyager 6 might have been the Borg homeworld, but when someone finally writes the official, definitive lore on Borg origin, I hope V'ger is no where near it. I'm not really sure I can verbalize why, but it just feels that an origin tied to V'ger would weaken the Borg storyline further.

Fortunately, one notable piece of official lore, the Voyager episode Dragon's Teeth states that the alien race du jour encountered Borg a full 9 centuries previous. Unfortunately, one of the non-canon sources, to prop up their own story, has suggested that V'ger wormhole sent it back in time as well as across the galaxy.