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Voyager 1, closing in on the edge of the solar system, has encountered a band of territory the scientist hadn't predicted.

Large side note, just for Trekkie kicks:
using the suggested dates in the article, Voyager 1 launched in 1977 and will possibly leave the solar system in 2015. So 38 years to the edge. And they're predicting necessitated shut downs by 2020 and power failure by 2025. So 48 year life span.

Fictional Voyager 6 launched in the late 20th century (Memory Alpha suggest 1999). Using 1999, that would suggest 2037 as the year it leaves the solar system. It encounters an anomaly some time after this event, and ends up across the galaxy. If it has the same build as Voyager 1, then it would need to encounter the Machine World before 2047 (power failure). But more likely, it would have better parts, having 22 years to enhance the design over Voyager 1.

YMMV: you may have info I've not encountered. Would love to hear it.