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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Inevitably, there ARE good people among the Cardassians, but the vibe I always got off the show was that the 'old style' Cardies were pretty nasty customers, with their worst/cruelest/nastiest elements running the "Labor camps".

Even within their Military Regime, there were likely Cardassians of Honour and Integrity, compassion, and kindness-decent folks-but you wouldn't FIND such men in the Camps. (Well, Maritza, maybe...)
Such people probably tended to get killed if found out in a place like that--or forced to flee, if caught or about to be caught in acts such as showing compassion to prisoners or trying to help them escape. I consider the situation of the few rebels in the ranks in such regimes on Earth, and that's what I would guess based on that.

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