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Its reviewed, plus the Boss fight where my Galaxy Class take on the massive Galaxy class is filmed and on the lower part of the "Role Play Section" of my website. Have a look, I forgot to add back in the torpedos for the fight, i still was using all beams from my last pvp.

Oh yeah, i once read someones siganture comment, that people claim to have builds for thier cruisers with high DPS, but never tell thier build...i can reach up to 14k with my pvp build, but if I told how then everyone would be able to counter my little tricks have a look for yourself in this video and see what I mean.
Thank you for playing it!!!! This Phellow Kitty Cat is Grateful to you CatStar!!!

I really enjoyed watching the video of your brilliant kitty crew taking on the U.S.S. TIME WARRIOR !!!!

I hope you enjoyed it !!Thank you for reviewing!!!

to respond now to :

Originally Posted by catstarsto View Post
Greetings, I am Thomas Caitian, aka CatStar, and I offer the readers of this forum the same oportunity to ask thier questions of thier old friend CatStar, as I offered on my website. Everyone who has Trekked up this mountain to seek an answer from this cat, will be offered one question. (Nothing dirty) No question will be considered too silly, but I cant guarantee the answer wont be. :3

I will answer all questions as soon as possible so check back often if yours hasent been answered yet.
I'll add my question to this thread for you: which is:

One of your crew's , little kittens decide to paint themselves with unwashable paint,... how does your crew member punish the kitten..... by:

a) taking it's favorite ball of string away for a day? Or

b) painting themself so the little kitten doesn't feel so bad? or

c) any other answer you decide which isn't typed here ?

God Bless you and your kitty crew and take care.