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[Earth Spacedock, Sol System]

*Earth, the homeworld of humanity, the very heart of the United Federation of planets and to some a coveted prize to be conquered. With the familiar hum of the transporter and flickering of blue light as his molecules arranged themselves in the proper order, Kyle transferred over from the Excalibur to the massive space station. After the transporter process had finished, he stepped off of the pad and gave the transporter officers a small nod in thanks before heading out into the busy corridor and then followed it to Club 47. As he approached the club, he could hear the muffled sound of the usual deafening music that played inside, the reason why his contact had chosen such a place to meet became apparent when he entered and his ears were assaulted by the music, no one would be able to hear them if they began a conversation and it would look less suspicious if they were in a public area. Approaching the bar at the back of the club, he saw his contact sitting at one of the tables closest to the back and took a seat opposite him.*

Franklin Drake: Does anyone know about our meeting?

Kyle: No and I thought I told you I didn't want anything more to do with Section 31.

Franklin Drake: It's not as simple as you think. One does not just walk away from our organisation.

*Kyle glared at the man.*

Kyle: What is it that you want Drake?

Franklin Drake: Here.

*The Section 31 operative slid a PADD to the starship captain*

Franklin Drake: Even though your little...'jaunt' back home managed to disrupt the operations of the Orion Syndicate and stopped them from distributing faulty personal shield generators, it would appear that they've managed to re-establish themselves and this time they've not only have they moved their operations but have gone to the trouble of hiring more muscle and putting advanced security measures in place.

Kyle: And your hoping that I will take this 'assignment' of yours? Let the proper authorities deal with it.

Franklin Drake: Please! You and I both know that some authorities tend to be on the Syndicate's payroll or are being threatened with blackmail or through physical means and I know that isn't something you will ignore because once they start on personal shields, they'll go to weapons, then to medical stores, anything that they can get their dirty fingers on.

*The brunette looked at the scarred man carefully and reluctantly snatched up the PADD with one had, proving that Franklin Drake had indeed pegged him for someone that cannot just turn a blind eye to the obvious.*

Franklin Drake: I look forward to seeing your results captain.

*The man said confidently before disappearing into the crowd, leaving Kyle to scrutinize over the information in the PADD.*

Kyle: Locke to Excalibur.

*He tapped his combadge.*

Jasmine: Excalibur here, what is it captain?

Kyle: Starfleet Intelligence requires me to do a mission for them so I am taking the Warrego.

Jasmine: Sir?

Kyle: Don't ask questions commander. All information about the mission is classified.

Jasmine: Yes sir. We'll have it ready for you when you arrive.

Kyle: Good, Locke out.

*He tapped his combadge again and closed the channel between him and Jasmine. He got up from his seat and exited the club. While this was a mission given to him by Section 31, it was also a personal one because it was his farther's investigation into the Syndicate on New Sydney had that gotten him killed and just remembering that made him angry enough to forget everything that is expected of a Starfleet officer.*

Kyle: Time to make them pay.
"I will make the Orion Syndicate face the light of justice or burn them with it." - Captainl Kyle Nathaniel Locke, U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-98105

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