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06-30-2013, 02:57 AM
Monkey Paintball? Really? Hurting innocent animals is fun to you? I'm with you on all you said but this... No. Boat rides, sure. Pedalos, why the hell not. Races, Definitely. But how about this? 3-5 islands, race to pickup something from all of them and return to a guy that gave you the quest in time limit? That would be great. And you only play it with 4 more players. So it's a standard PvE competition. Cryptic should also add boats to buy for favors like the floaters. So you can fly to pick up stuff from those islands or go with your boat. And Boats should be Rental = White, Standard = Green, Advanced = Blue, Superior = Purple, just like the floaters. Your own boat to go around islands but for the higher price then floaters. Like double the price. Also this Event map is way more fun and beautiful then standard Risa map. It should be made permanent instead of original one and bring expanded with 3-5 or 10 islands only when summer event starts. That's all I want.