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06-30-2013, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
The new Romulan Security officers need to be removed, they are beyond overpowered. Right now the security officers add +100% damage to ambush with up to 3 stacks for a total maximum of 450% more damage. This damage is then divided by 9 and dealt over 9 seconds as physical damage, which means it completely bypasses shields. Also, this damage buff can stack with any other tactical buffs. Target Optics (+50%), Strike Team (+40%), Battle Strategies (25%), Power Cells (+45%). As a result, it is possible for a single attack to deal 570% damage over 9 seconds with 100% shield bypass. And if an exploit attack is used that is 770% damage over 9 seconds.

Now consider the fact that the split beam rifle is a high rate of fire long ranged weapon (35 Meters) that deals 140 damage unbuffed. Fully buffed the weapon will deal 770 damage over 9 seconds (85.5 shield bypassing damage/second). If the player is exposed then they will be dealt 1078 damage over 9 seconds (120 shield bypassing damage/second). If the player critically hits then they will be dealt 910 damage over 9 seconds (101 shield bypassing damage/second). If the player critically hits AND the target is exposed then they will be dealt 1190 damage over 9 seconds (132 shield bypassing damage/second). If the tactical player uses their debuffs damage resistance won't even be a factor in this at all. And keep in mind it is very easy for a tactical officer to get 60% critical chance. Combine that with the fact that the split beam hits up to three targets and you have a very high chance of instant killing 2-3 people in 4-5 seconds. The maximum health a player can have without science buffs is 670.

Tactical officers had no problem killing players before this. There was no reason to create a duty officer that allows tactical officers to DoT the entire opposing team to death. There is no class in the game with even a chance of surviving a critical hit or an expose hit from one of these ambushes unless they get thrown the ability's one counter, Battle Strategies. Under tactical initiative these ambush attacks can be repeated every 13 seconds. All the tactical officer has to do is roll into the line of fire, drop the attack, and hide behind cover (takes about 2.5 seconds to perform). At least one of his targets will die 90% of the time.

These duty officers have turned an ability that took skill to get kills with into a fire and forget free kill button. Plasma grenades are even worse. When a plasma grenade is thrown under the duty officer ambush, it retains the ambush changes. The spawned plasma fire has a stackable ambush buffed DoT, converting the plasma DoT into a stacking (up to 15 times) physical damage field of about 25 physical damage a second. That's 3375 damage over 9 seconds to anything that stands in the plasma fire for longer than 3 seconds. A fire and forget grenade can kill a player 5 times over.

All I can say is the duty officer needs to go. It's overpowered and anyone using it can see that it is overpowered. There should never have been a duty officer that buffs ambush. Ambush has always been the most powerful buff in the game by far. It doesn't need toning down, the duty officer just needs to be flat out replaced.
Im sure you can ask the other guy playing ground pvp to not use the doff. Dont worry about anyone else, they will beam out when they have realized they have selected the wrong map.

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