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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Are Caitians genetically-enhanced Ferasans, or is it the other way around?
Caitians and Ferisans are basically from the same species, with the only real difference being like the same situation you would have with the Vulcans and the ROmulans. Plus the Ferisans have been genetically enhanced for combat, making them a more primal species like their Klingon allies and deadlier. Where as Caitians are capable for a more passive and diplomatic enabling them to align to the Federation without any real issues in this coexistence. as for the superior of the two, it completely depends on their environments, you wouldnt place a Diplomat in a fighting arena, anymore then you would commission a barbarian to settle a peace negotiation.

My caitian CatStar, has seen to many diplomatic resolutions and created many allies during his time in the game, but my ferisan is the one i would use for pvps!

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