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06-30-2013, 04:19 AM
I will play the devil advocate here. I saw a few peoples mentioned that the NPCs wear much better looking outfit. It a lot easier to create a relatively static NPC with is personal outfit than to create one that adapt itself for player characters that come in all sort of shapes.

Still, I must admit they could have put more effort on the cosmetic rewards. I think I will concentrate on getting the ship and getting a better floater. I hope that next year it will be better. This year, they had to create the new event, create the decor and NPCs, between LoR and season 8. So, let's hope that next year they would take time to make it better, since they will surely reuse the decor and NPCs.

I mentioned that I will concentrate on getting the ship, but it's really just to have it. The stats seem not very good for use it, contrary to the Breen ship they gave in the winter's festival. Unless they intend to set up a subwarp race event?

And since we are talking about the summer's festival, for the activity, I like hunting statuettes. It's cool and it's short enough that I could complete it with 2 characters. But the dance one is too long and there is too much space between the last rewards, it should be more progressive. I tried to do it with 2 characters, but the second one got just short of getting to the 7 favors stage. That's a bit frustrating. And if you get in after it's started, you risk that the same thing happen.

OK, finally, I will not try to get better floater, since it work just on Risa. I was kind of hoping that it could be use on other planet surface area, like new Romulus. So, apparently that will be just the ship, just to have it, for this year.

But again, I just hope it get better next year, or maybe in a patch later, but that I doubt that will happen this year.

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