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06-30-2013, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by dixiemonroe View Post
He is overpowered in PvPyes but no one has made a statement yet about the other two DoFFs.

If my weapon dont work the OP DoFF is useless.

It can be survived and it dont work all the time. I seen a player bring up 3 med nanite monitors .. This give a endless health regen.

As much everyone has complained about this DoFF and all the other DoFFs before it giving unbalanced gameplay in PvP make the DoFFs ..ALL the DoFFs , unuseable so no one can aomplain about them. Someone puts in a lot of work to create them. So if they cant be used in PvP no one can complain about it.
I am starting to think you are a newb to ground pvp. the majority of tacts are aware of weapons malfunction and therefore in those matches save their power cell to clear said weapons malfunction and continue on with the attack. Trust me none of the new engy doffs are overpowered at all and simply bring engy balance up a little bit.

In any case the engy with limited perception can't see the omega cloaked target as he fires of that secondary attack at long range and therefore can't weapons malfunction you in the first place. And if said engy wanted to use the shattered harmonics set just to be able to see me he would be dead after one tick due to no damage resist.