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06-30-2013, 11:32 AM
For me it has happened long time ago.
I have invested so much time and money, that all time I have to play this game, is devoted to my main. -Which I am very happy of.
I do have started an alt, with the release of LoR. It's got an promising start, but considering it is behind my main with 3000 logged hours and 12400+ accolade points, I don' see myself spending much investment on that character. -Unless there are something that my main cannot use. -I might spend the effort on the alt.
Before LoR, i tried start a klink alt. I gave up. All it did for me, was to aquire some more contrabands. After that was nerfed, i Mothballed it. Only reason I haven't deleted it, is because I bought a lobi-skirt, -of all things.

More characters? Nope. There are too many things to do with the main. Maybe if you ask again in another year.
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