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06-30-2013, 10:37 AM
From past experience I can tell you what is going to happen with these doffs. THEY WILL NOT BE REMOVED OR CHANGED. This is as bad as the snb doff fiasco that plagued space as soon as Halor made them plentiful. They underwent 2 nerfs and finally had a 15 second immunity added into them before they were supposedly balanced. But the base concept and how they work never changed.

That being said these ambush doffs need to be nerfed so hard that it will force a choice on the tactical players part on how he wants his ambush to operate. Does he want to give up that 15 seconds of full on damage for a target that is tanky and hides behind cover. The only good thing about these doffs is that the ambush is gone after the one attack is released.

The problem is that one attack is a 99 percent sure fire kill. The dot damage numbers will have to be nerfed to such a point that even another tactical captain can't die from taking a fully buffed one shot with these. That's the only way to bring these into balance. You have to remember these problems are occurring from just one tact firing one shot. What happens when I keep firing and keep attacking even without ambush my others buffs still do lots of damage.

Also a person can couple the stasis pistol with this attack. Decloak stasis you wait about 8 seconds of the 10 second stasis field hit them with a lunge or pulsewave 2 attack run away and watch them helplessly tick away to death. Bort if you eventually see Kollins and I's video and are reading all this you need to nerf these things damage by a good 90 percent just to balance them out. No doff should be a guaranteed kill. That is for the skilled player to accomplish.