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06-30-2013, 10:49 AM
*Dorman is on the deep space quantum communications... with the USS Enterprise Captain*

Dorman: I would like to congratulate you and the crew of the Enterprise... You all have honored that legacy and those that have come before you..

Captain Fontane: Aye sir..

Dorman: I am hereby ordering the Enterprise and the taskforce to help find the surviving Tholians a world to stay for now... *his face is ashen but returns to normal* We are also having ships taking any Remans fleeing Romulan space... The President wants us to help these people and we shall.

Fontane: Yes Sir..

Dorman: Oh and Captain... After you finish up with this I will grant shore leave for the task force... Not long.. But enough for rest. Then you will go on stand by.

Fontane: Thank you sir.. But sir... I have heard that there is trouble in old Romulan space...

Dorman: The Republic doesn't want our help with the situation out of fear that it will raise tensions... I am afraid I agree with them. We still have a reputation to repair.. Far well Captain.. Godspeed