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06-30-2013, 11:09 AM
So email is b0rked, now this....

When the server throws you into the WRONG PVE MATCH (clearly queued for Mirror space mission, and it threw me into Starbase 82 ground mission??), and you leave that WRONG PVE MATCH caused by a server error, you get a penalty for an HOUR, preventing you from even going back into the MIRROR, which you were trying to queue for in the first place??

Not fun. Fix your stuff, PWE.

---post above it bobnooniansingh's---

EDIT: Closed for necroing an old thread. Remember, if a thread has been inactive for 30 days, you should not post to it. Feel free to create a new thread on the subject if you would like to discuss further ~BranFlakes
That's just great...thanks Trendy! Completely ignore the TOS violations I'm reporting (and that an impostor confessed to!), and make ME the bad guy! Congratulations, you've made a troll somewhere very happy. So STO allows people to "shame" me based on info from an impostor for weeks, but I am not allowed to EXHONERATE myself? That just cost you my subscription.

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