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06-30-2013, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by penthaligon View Post
I have a ticket on the support which is THREE WEEKS old. I cannot understand why I am being ignored.

Have I given Cryptic enough money that I simply do not matter any more? How can I not be furious at this blatant lack of care for customers.

I have opened another ticket based on another part of the game that is broken, but I expect I'll see the christmas event before that gets answered.

What the hell is going on?
It all depends on what the ticket is about. If it's not an urgent issue like billing problems or something of that nature then those three weeks will become much longer.

PWE has some of the worst Customer Service pretty much ever, and not just mmo industry based. If they were any other type of company I don't doubt they would have gone bankrupt by now purely based on people not using their products/services because of their sheer lack of customer service.

Unfortunately for us they have shown absolutely no indication that they even acknowledge that there serious problems with their Customer Service let alone plan to do anything about it.

The closest thing to actual customer service we have is Branflakes and unfortunately all he can do is pass along a message to whomever, but even that doesn't mean anything will be done.

When I first started playing it was right before PWE took over customer support. I had an issue and heard back from Cryptic Support in a little under an hour. I've had a number if issues since PWE took over CS, and have never heard back from CS except on 1 issue that I was sent three copy and paste replies that had nothing to do with the issue, then was sent a request to supply screenshots of the problem which I did (was a carpet texture not loading on a c-store bridge pack), and then was told there was no issue even though there was a forum thread and numerous tickets from other players all reporting the same exact issue with the same exact bridge pack. it still has never been corrected.

So yeah welcome to the joke that is PWE customer support.