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06-30-2013, 03:43 PM
So, after doing this testing myself, I have determined that it is literally impossible to compete with the doffs. lol.

So, first, I took my tac which is built to put out an immense amount of damage, even more so than the normal tac... but sucks at absorbing pretty much any form of incoming damage. Anyways, I put purple DoT doffs on him and put him up against 3 different players: 2 scis, and an engy.

All three resulted in instant death within the 1st or 3rd tick...

Then I took my sci and I decided to try it to the best of my ability to tank this damage... I actually managed to tank for 5 ticks but.... I used the distortion field at the start to cut incoming energy damage.. which then in return reduced the physical damage to my health from the DoT. Plus I super buffed my sci's health at the start and was using the new sci doff... I burned through my hypo and all of my heals to survive... plus mind drain. I was also crouched during this test and have very high dodge.... and on top of all of that I made sure that I had medical vanguard up so that my shields could tank some of the energy damage for me at the start... over all again reducing the amount of incoming physical damage from the DoT. The result of course was still fatal.

I just did it for fun of course, as I knew the outcome would be that the doffs would kill. I am proud though, that I was able to tank 5 ticks... but of course in a team pvp these options wouldn't be available to me to tank as the distortion field would probably be used up.. most of my heals would be on my team, and well... you get the point.

"Working as intended"... 1 year later they "fix" it.