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06-30-2013, 03:57 PM
well, i got 2 feds, 1 kilng, 1 romi.
the romi is obviously new.
other 3 are since the release of the game.
i am busy 4-5 hours everyday to grind all the stuff for them.
more of this i am tempted to freeze the progress of one of my feds.

really, all the alts should be treated as "family" and inherit all the benefits earned by other alts. many games encourage players that way. swtor for example.
otherwise there is absolutely no point in leveling alts. it takes a week to get an alt to lvl 50 and 1-2 month to get the gear it need. outrageous.

and there no elite grade stfs in therms of rewards for romulan and nukara marks, which annoys even more.

so no more alt for me. not at least another faction will come in to game.