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# 6 Doffs Full, Won't Buy
06-30-2013, 04:31 PM
Ok, a nice looking pack. But here is where Cryptic has shot itself in the foot. Even with 400 Doff slots I find it pretty hard to open the pack because my roster is already full. --> I used to be able to store doffs via mail <-- however I no longer can. So if I can't store doffs how do I open another pack? Well I can dismiss doffs and get 1 Dilithium. Oh wow! Who wants to throw their stuff away just to have the privilege of spending another $2.75 USD to throw some more doffs away at one one-hundredth of a cent?

Cryptic should either A) sell more Doff slots ($$$), B) fix the mail system, C) increase Dilithium for dismissed doffs, D) allow fleets to pay doffs into a deposit only depository, or E) all of the above.

Until they do something to fix the Doff issue I can't see this new pack selling as much as they want it to, unless they expect us to throw all of the doff prizes away and keep trying for the ship.