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06-30-2013, 04:54 PM
I actually went the other way when the whole reputation grind started and reduced the number characters.

I used to create a new character for every new ship I bought, tailored it's Boff and Doff crew to them with a unique background. When the rep-system launched, I saw that it'd be never possible to play all of them effectively anymore, so I started deleting, with a big amount of deletions when LoR and Nukara launched. The Romulan faction also saw an end to my Romulan-Alien toon, which kind of lost it's point and fun by then and got whacked as well.

There were 28 characters before, 17 were stripped and deleted. and I've only created a Romulan since then. The only new character I'm ever going to create in the future is when they introduce a new faction, like the Romulans.

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