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06-30-2013, 10:21 PM
Risa is great, I would suggest leaving it attached to the old Risa after the summer event is over. Maybe then the speclal grinding/game stuff could be removed, but the Island, buildings, activities would remain. Storywise, Risa is supposed to be a pleasure planet all year long, so would be a great R&R place for combat weary crews anytime.

On the same token I thought a modified Winter Wonderland would be a great addition to Andoria. This would just give more stuff to do when visiting these places. Sometimes all the grinding and combat gets boring and its just nice to go explore. Like Picard said 'Remember when we used to be explorers?'

Another suggestion for Risa would be to either let you bring one bridge officer or a random selection of your bridge officers become NPC vacationers wandering about. It would play into the idea that your ship with battle weary crew are going to Risa to relax.