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07-01-2013, 06:55 AM
Not sure about having Lex go full proxy war with an artificial Superman out of the gate, but he'd be a great villain for the second movie.

If they follow the formula that worked well for Batman, particularly, he'd be logical. Start off with a less iconic villain who's closely tied to the origin story, who's abilities mirror the hero, and who can force the hero to question their own ethics (Ra'as/Zod, who share the additional distinction that their hero has killed them or left them for dead in multiple continuity branches, despite their code against killing), follow with an iconic villain who's more of an intellectual challenge than a physical one (Joker/Lex), and finish with a character who's primarily known for their role in breaking the hero (Bane/Doomsday).

Lex Luthor would also be the perfect recurring villain if they wanted to keep things more open ended like the Iron Man movies, where every villain has been penance for something Stark did or didn't do in his lifetime of being a terrible person. The sort of collateral damage that little fistfight with Zod caused probably didn't make many friends.

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