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07-01-2013, 06:05 AM
Wow, that's less then subtle.

It looks like the only way to avoid Arc if you are a CO player is to have the existing client or use the Steam Client, which naturally, doesn't require Arc.

Really Cryptic, it's not smart to manditorily push your Steam clone on new CO players.
Or new STO players for that matter.

You should have offered the old client as an option for those who don't wish to use Arc.

My inner cynic says this isn't about STO or CO, it's Perfect World trying to get you to notice their other games by making them readily available.

You know, if it's there, someone might be tempted to try it out of curiosity.

Me personally, when PWE took over, I looked at their games to see if they had anything worthwhile and no, they didn't.