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07-01-2013, 07:51 AM
I don't think he should play Lex in MOS 2 because he played Lex in Smallville. For me, watched every episode Smallville, his version of Lex was like Heath Ledgers Joker. Before his Lex there was no Lex. Yes, There was a Lex in the movies but this guy played him for what was it, 7 years? 6?

That being said, bring in an actor with the presence that Henry Cavill has. I love the idea of Mark Strong playing Lex. I look at this guy and I see Lex in him for some reason. And I have seen him act before. He is amazing.

For the main villain though. Certainly not Doomsday. I don't even want Doomsday until after a Justice League movie. My reason for that is I want Superman to established in the DC universe. A trilogy, JL movie, then start a whole new trilogy of Superman. Part 4 he can face Doomsday. Its just that if he faces Doomsday and does not die in his movie then I will get pissed off. That would make me mad

I would like Brainiac held off until the third movie. Brainiac is a serious adversary. I feel like that would be a story worth telling later if a suitable villain can be found for now. I read somewhere Mongul would be good. Take Superman off world to battle world? While he is gone Lex is turning the world against Superman.

Bring another Kryptonian in. Supergirl needs to show up. How about Ha'el? There are literally a million different stories that could be told. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing Snyder.