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Cats need a new PR person. They seem to always be portrayed as stupid, crafty or evil. Every bad guy has a cat and every hero has a dog. Maybe you can be the spokeskitty for them to show how heroic and brave cats are.
I keep an assortment of cats for every occasion. Battlecat is my Ferisan, he is crafty and evil I even dressed him up as General M. Bison once (M for meow), Adventure Cat is my official lolcat...see his "Caitians Log" in the role play section of my website, for all his antics. Caitian Picard is for general fun roleplay and doing reviews, notice his ship says Enterprise and not Kittyprize like Adventure Cats. My Main cat is CatStar, he is and always been what I used to settle arguements, recruit new members, help players and people in our guild upon request. He is the official Caitian of IDIC and Guild Alliance, even having a custom badge on his IDIC signature made by our leader just for this honor. I choose a reagal look for his costume to resemble a mix of Captain Claw and Captain Nemo (LOEOG), even his avatar stands prowdly always looking up with confidence and honor...I like to joke and often do but when you see CatStar in game, you see a representative of our guild and the dedicated brotherhood it represents!

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