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Originally Posted by mgmirkin426 View Post
Was wondering the same thing myself... I've been flying around "view"ing and was mostly gettign unlock sounds. But never an accolade. I'm ASSUMING that if the DEVs put them in, there's probably an accolade, as there seem to be a billion accolades on the map... But I can't seem to find the last of them, I assume. =o\ Kinda' wish there was some kind of "indicator" of where they were. Like parrots flying around, or you had to "track" / "follow" a parrot back to its post? Making it more of a "game" rather than a random "run across it" sort of thing.
Look at the names of the locations of each bird for that accolade. (I think the accolade is named "Enjoy The View" but not positive)

It is in your list (maybe filter it to show only in-progress ones).

The ones you've found will have a check-mark, the ones you haven't, won't.

-- Smoov