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Be sure to disable Local etc in your custom tab.
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Hmm, I don't get this spam on my alternate tabs, even on my Romulan. O.o

Be sure to disable local chat.
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Have you made an additional tab yet?
Dear Mother,

I know you're new to STO, so I will give you a break. I have a character that has been in-game since launch. I've created custom global channels. I've created multiple tabs with different chat options per channel.

However, it seems like issues that cropped up in beta have made it to Live. This means that, even for the thoroughly initiated such as myself, it's impossible to remove "emote" chat, as the box has been removed from the UI, and removing other channels such as "local" or "system" do not solve the issue. Unless a character had the "emotes" channel turned off before LoR (or had settings imported from a character with this setting disabled), one can't shut off emotes at all - at least through the GUI.

This, and the issue with the double slash (//) coming up whenever one uses the slash to start chat, are probably the tow most annoying things to happen to the UI since I discovered how many players were winning lock box ships.

Please understand Mom, this is not a sleight to you. I understand you're just trying to be helpful, but I'm pretty sure I know a thing or three about how the game's Chat system works, from being here so long and for being in City of Heroes, which used a very similar global chat system, for seven years previous.

Now please return to chatting with the knitting circle on AOL Instant Messenger, and I'll try to scour the /slash commands for a work around.

Hugs and Kisses,

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