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07-01-2013, 01:53 PM
As a writer myself, specifically one wanting to go into game design storyboarding, I sympathize with Kestrel, I really do. However, having also studied marketing, I know that this is a major slap in Kestrel's face.

The Scimitar is something a LOT of people are excited about (myself included) and people are starting to get rabid over it. Cryptic is HORRIBLE about communication and keeping their deadlines, so they have a bad rep for saying one thing and not delivering on it. So when we were told "Scimitar info by the end of June!" and they wait to the last possible second to be truthful on that, it rubs the playerbase the wrong way. And now when we're promised detailed specs on Monday, and these blogs are usually up by mid-day, and we get something like this instead...players don't care. We want what we're excited about and what we're promised.

It doesn't MATTER what the interview was about. This isn't what people want and what we DO want and what we were promised is delayed and delayed and delayed. It's just bad marketing and, sadly, this is unfortunate for Kestrel, who has done EXTREMELY good work and is rightly proud of it. The marketing team, however, has really screwed her over by putting this up TODAY and BEFORE the Scimitar blog. It's really not fair to her.