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Wil: Well I doubt we'll find these answers by ourselves. I suggest all the senior staff be assembled. We'll need as many heads working on this as we can.
Soval: Agreed.

*He taps his combadge.*

All Senior Staff, please report to the Observation Lounge.

*5 minutes later, the Senior Staff are assembled in the Observation Lounge in front of the Bridge. Soval is sitting at the head of the table with T'las and Sylix flanking him around each corner.*

Soval: The question of whether we should aid the alien must take a side seat for the moment. Our first priority must be how to aid the alien without injury to Lieutenant Shrod.

*The Klingon Tactical Officer turns his head and speaks up.*

B'o'juk: The alien has given us an ultimatum - assist or die. It's hostility towards us is clear. Shouldn't our own defence be paramount?

T'las: B'o'juk, from its perspective we attacked it.

Soval: The Lieutenant makes an excellent point though; what do we do if we cannot aid this creature? Do we destroy it to protect ourselves?

B'o'juk: Yes.

Sylix: Unfortunately, I must concur.

Soval: So we condemn both Lieutenant Shrod and the alien to death?

*A moment of silence passes as the crew contemplates the prospect.*

Now that we're less rooted in our own complacency, how would we go about liberating the alien from Shrod's body?

Gardra: We didn't detect it until observing that its brain patterns were different to Shrod's. That suggests a telepathic relationship between the two.

Soval: Go on, Commander.

Gardra: Well, whatever way you look at it, our thoughts are just a series of bio-electrical impulses sent along a chemical transmission path to different areas of the brain. If we were to ascertain the difference between the alien's thought patterns and the lieutenant's...

Soval: And since particles contain an ionic charge, theoretically we should be able to force the two patterns to separate. Fascinating.

T'las: I'll have Starfleet Medical send us Lieutenant Shrod's EEG readings from his last medical.

Soval: Commander Gardra, I want a method to carrying out your plan ready by the time we arrive at our destination.

Gardra: Aye sir.

Soval: Ensign Wil, your opinion?

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