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07-01-2013, 03:32 PM
Horga'hn Hunt
- Increased the reward rate of the Lohlunat Favors.
- There is now a GPL tab on the summer vendor NPC to make it easier to find special summer items that are sold for GPL.
- Lohlunat Favors will now appear in the commodity tab on the exchange
- Small sunglasses are now available to Ferengi Species players
Installation 18
- Rinna will now beam out properly for all players of all factions.
I love that you're increasing the Lohlunat Favor reward rates, thank you for that (this is especially lovely, since Tues is my day off and I'll be doing lots of grinding tomorrow ). Putting the GPL tab on the summer vendor and listing Favors as an Exchange Commodity. Nice, nice. Ferengi sunglasses... I don't have any Ferengi, so this didn't affect me, but good for them. Although, to be fair, you should update the blog and the sunglasses descriptions to reflect this.

Fixing I18 for non-Rom factions. Very nice. Thanks for squashing that bug.

Nice small update.

That being said, I am genuinely disappointed the Missing Mail Situation hasn't been fixed or updated in (too many) days. I also would like to see some update/reference to all the costume bugs swarming the tailor and the game in general since LoR launched.

You guys clearly pulled some heavy duty shifts (and OT) to complete LoR. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, as it is an impressive accomplishment, but there's more work to be done.

Some more Dev Posts in the above linked threads and/or Blog Entries showing you guys are aware of the multitude of issues going on, and how you are working/planning to address them, is requested.

Thank you.

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