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The body of the ship, while large enough to support a hangar of 1500 (one five zero zero) Scorpion fighters, would not be big enough to provide the base support and separation needed for the Thalaron emitters let alone the 52 disruptor banks. That's where the wings come in. They provide the separation and support for all of these weapons systems.

Now where's the details promised us?
Excuse me but are you quoting the wrong person? I do not see how it relates to my concerns that the variations will just be minor. I might be vain but I do not really like to fly around in a ugly ship. And well. we all have different tastes. But for me the Scimitar is feels like a ship without much though. The shapes and proportions are wrong and so on for me. It just looks ugly. But again that me. But there are ships I find ulgy that when you customize them right they turn out wonderful. But that is only possible if the variations actually do differ from each other. Not when there near identical.

I hope I am wrong and that the variations do look different.