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07-01-2013, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Since it's physical damage, I'm going to tag it so that Biofilter Sweep removes the DoT, but I'm also considering allowing the DoT to be removed by an amount of healing received somewhere between one and two health bars. This gives the doff some counterplay in PvP, allowing the target to react to the ability being used on them.
You're making it so only science officers have a viable way to defend from it, which is not good. Everyone else will still get a sure death. Not instant, but they -will- die.

You can -not- avoid an Arcwave or a Lunge. You -can- avoid grenades, or sniper shots. You're making it so if the tac gets close enough for a Lunge or Arcwave, you're done, period. No way to escape. No hypos will save you since it doesn't heal close to one full health bar, let alone two, and they're on a base 30s recharge, which is way longer than the weakest doff duration of 18s.

The difference between the "base Ambush", and the "doff Ambush", is that there are ways to defend from the former from every career in the game. The doff Ambush, on the other hand, does PHYSICAL damage, which basically negates Engineers' shield-based defenses. Tacs will have a hard time with hypos for the reasons outlined above, and Scis will be the only ones capable of withstanding it.

I understand you made the DoT physical so it is viable against the Borg, who do not adapt to it or kinetic damage. But this was made without little consideration to PvP, where physical damage is very strong for its shield-penetrating properties. I'll assume you don't have the tech to make the DoT into an energy type that the Borg can't adapt to.

Please take into account you can slot THREE of those doffs. A skilled base Ambush gives a 150% bonus. A doff Ambush should NOT give 600% bonus, even as a DoT, and let alone be physical damage. You're giving a single ability way too many reliable advantages.


- substantially decrease the damage bonus per doff - think of the 3x edge cases!

- increase the DoT duration (doing less damage per tick) so hypos can actually do something against it

- change the damage type from PHYSICAL to KINETIC; it's still usable against the Borg, and kinetic damage has less shield penetration, giving Engineers a better chance to withstand it, and more uses to Shield Charges.