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07-01-2013, 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by koppster View Post
I am sad to see what has become of the game in my absence of just over a year or so.

Not only have some in-game rewards been removed from STF's they were originally obtained from (borg set for instance), but they've now been stuck behind a horribly implemented reputation grind that is nothing other than a blatant time and ec sink.

Having even first tier rewards gated behind time-based "quests" is ridiculous. You can't even grind the rep in the traditional MMO manner, as the return from, for instance, turning in Omega marks in the non-time limited manner is abysmal.

Why turn STO into a grind? It's counter-productive to modern MMO development philosophy. Any MMO player survey will tell you: no-one likes grinding in an MMO. Grinding loses subs.
Do you like killing Borg?

If you answered "Yes" my next question is: what's the problem?

Kill Borg = earn Omega Marks and BNPs = rep up and get stuff.

It's a lot more straightforward and easier for new players than the old system under which you had to wait for the right combination of random drops.