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Originally Posted by valoreah View Post
How do you figure? All you needed to do was complete one PVE mission and three STFs for a piece of the Borg set. That's a few hours of game play time. Not sure how that equates to "years".
The original Borg Set acquisition:

"Assimilation" mission = universal borg console
"Infected" STF = borg engine
"The Cure" STF = borg deflector
"Khitomer Accord" = borg shield

(I might have the deflector and shield backwards)

at most total time combined to get: 8 hours (Depends on how good your STF team is)

Above method destroyed by all the whiners saying they couldn't spare 2 to 3 hours on a weekend to do an STF.

The next method was hated by almost everyone due to the stupid random drop of the chip needed to get the mk xii sets. People grinded the STFs and never got the drop.

The third and latest method is the joke Omega reputation grind. This method destroyed the easiest piece to get the universal borg console by removing it from the reward table of "Assimilation" and adding it to the Omega Rep grind.