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07-01-2013, 08:47 PM
I just had two failed login attempts -- server not responding -- but got in on my third try. Did the Risa event, and another server not responding. Then got booted out.

Come on Cryptic! This might be good enough for government work but it's unacceptable for a business! The most annoying thing is if you're in the middle of a ground or space firefight and everything freezes! That's a death sentence for sure!!

Quoted For Truth:
Originally Posted by knochengeiger View Post
It's just incredible how f***ed up this game became since the release of LOR. So much incompetence and bad service is just unbelievable, there are still users that are banned from some stupid autobanning script, and cryptic doesn't even answer to them. The endless unfixed bugs and imbalances, nonworking missions and "maintainance" that, once again, make things worse than before! None of us could dare to deliver such low quality at their jobs, or we would be fired! But we let Cryptic get away with it?

I ask everybody to send mails about this to PWE executives, CBS executives and to all game reviewing magazines, online or printed. We can't let them continously getting away with taking our money, then throwing their poop in our face and walk away laughing, leaving the name Star Trek behind as a pile of stinking trash.

Wake up, people.