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So what's that? Simply the ability to switch ships in sector space, so without having to go to a shipyard. (It seems a bit odd, that Starfleet would have perfectly good ships sitting in drydocks collecting spacedust, cause they have only one captain between them.)

The way I see this would work is, if you right-click your portrait, where on the ground there would be the Change Costume option, in sector space, we'd have the Transfer Flag option. Clicking this pops up a screen much like the costume one, only this one lists all of your ships; Name, Registry and Class.

Then when you've clicked one, that ship will warp into sector space beside you, there'd a transporter effect, your camera jumps to the newly summoned ship, and the ship you were just on warps out. All done. If people want to move gear from one ship to the other, they'll still need to use a shipyard I feel (or just unequip the items before making the switch), but that's still pretty convenient.

And it'll look cool.