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Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Tweeted bran and geko about this and bran replied with.

"There are none at this time, but the team is considering feedback."

I have since sent him a link to this thread incase non of the devs have wondered in yet.
Noticed that, at least they are looking into it, thanks.
If they don't add rewards for completion with Nukara, why not?, what makes this one special as not to warrant it, will the next one have some and if they do it comes back to this one not having any and being singled out until it happens again with another one down the line.
Getting the rep bonuses each tier is all very nice and some are really really good but having that little incentive at the end gives you momentum to go for more marks to complete the set - if you used the marks to buy 1 piece - or buy the console you have been looking at or weapon

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