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*Wil looked around the room and saw all eyes focused on him. He wasn't expecting to have any input. It might've been the crimson uniform, but he could barely follow the conversation at all about brain functions. He sat forward in his chair.*

Wil: Lieutenant Shrod... Is someone I greatly admire... I look up to him. While serving aboard the Vancouver, he took me under his wing and set the example of what it is to be a Starfleet officer. I would hate to lose him, and if there was a chance to bring him back, no matter how slight... I'd take it... However... Of all the things I learned from him, one that sticks out above all others is that being a Starfleet officer comes with a risk that we must be prepared to face. A risk that lingers in the backs of our minds when we wake up in the morning... There may come a time when we will have to pay the ultimate price, and by doing so, we will ensure that our friends and families at home, those who don't live with that risk in mind, will not have to.
If we come to a point where we must make a difficult decision, if there's absolutely no other way to free the particle entities, we must remember that, like all of us, Shrod is prepared for the most drastic of sacrifices. If it would mean saving countless lives from a war against an opponent we can't see or even scan, he would not hesitate to do it. Besides, I certainly don't have to remind you of our sentiment towards the needs of the many.
Soval: Agreed. Well said, ensign.

Well, if there is nothing else...?

Then dismissed.

*Earth, Sol System. U.S.S. Victorious, Bridge. Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Dannover, also known as Six of Twelve, as working at the Bridge Engineering Station when she starts to get a headache, hearing what sounds like a mechanical whir in her head, along with a frightening chorus of voices.*

Voice 1: Find us.

Voice 2: Find us.

Voice 3: Join us.

*The chorus is continually drilling into her skull until she feels a hand on her shoulder.*

Ryan: Commander?

*She snaps around, gasping from fright, before calming herself down and panting slightly. Ryan looks at his Chief Engineer with concern.*

Are you okay?

Six: Yeah, sure.

Ryan: Commander, my Ready Room.

Wenj, you have the Bridge.

Wenj: Aye, sir.

*Ryan leads the liberated Borg Engineer into the Ready Room, sitting behind his desk upon entry.*

Ryan: Computer, seal entrances.

*He looks at Six, concern highlighting his face.*

What's wrong?

Six: I... I'm hearing voices.

Ryan: Voices?

Could your implants be malfunctioning?

Six: That's just the thing. It's not background collective transmission - it was deliberately provoked.

*He looks at his screen, displaying a Starfleet daily status report.*

It was--

Ryan: Don't tell me - "like something like the Borg was drumming inside your brain, calling you like the Borg, only not Borg"?

Six: How did you...?

Ryan: Fleet-wide bulletin. Nearly every former Borg Officer in the fleet is in the same boat as you.

Six: Well... that's quite a coincidence.

Ryan: Yes... it is. Precisely why I doubt it is coincidence.

Computer, connect to Admiral Quinn, Starfleet Command, Starbase 1.

Computer: Stand by.

*Within seconds, Admiral Quinn appears on Ryan's console.*

Ryan: Admiral.

Quinn: Captain Allington. What can I do for you?

Ryan: I just recieved a report from my Chief Engineer that she's been hearing voices from her Borg implants.

Quinn: Did someone organise a convention without telling me?

Ryan: The Victorious can be ready to investigate within the hour.

*Quinn sits there in thought for a few moments before turning back to him.*

Quinn: Very well. Godspeed, Captain.

Ryan: Thank you sir.

Quinn: Quinn out.

*The screen deactivates.*

Ryan: I'd ask you to give directions...

*He looks up at Six.*

But, honestly, I don't think you need to push it.

Six: It's okay, sir. I know where to look.

It's somewhere near the Haakona Sector.

Ryan: Alright. Get some rest, Six.
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