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07-02-2013, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
Another suggestion.

Decrease substantially or completely floor the damage variation of the DoT, to avoid unexpected high damage spikes.
Yeah, why dont you all just remove any Tac officers ability to carry weapons?

This is why i NEVER ground pvp, tac officers was too dang squishy on ground, engineers and sci offers wailing on me and i just die, while the engineer can stand there and get wailed on and nothing happens, the sci can stand there and dish out heals, the tac officer?

Well the Tac officer dies, a lot.

Now the only decent damage maker we have now got is getting nerfed... by the wails and screams of the tanky eng and sci classes... before long the tac officers will be back to the same as before...tac officers who do little to no damage against eng and sci.

Thank you all for letting me continue to ignore ground pvp, i'll stick with space pvp, at least us tac officers still have a chance up there.