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07-02-2013, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by mrbluegreysf View Post
Can the dates for the Summer event be expanded please? I haven't been able to log in to a functional STO in 3 days. Nothing is working correctly, and this always seems to come up when you have us grinding a deadline.

Please extend the dates so we all have amble time to get our Risan Corvette.

Thanks BF

LOL gl with that I seriously hope they extend it for you, since it is rare for them to extend times for us for any reason, and some of us have been screwed out of things that way before, so I hope they ignore past precedent and do it because then we can point to THAT.

Extend the event to make up for your patch extensions...And hair extensions...We KNOW BRAN, it isn't a secret that Loquicia at the salon did your braids