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07-03-2013, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by stomperx99 View Post
It is a very good and fun ship. But I haven't put it through Borg elite STFS yet.
As I assumed would happen, wound up in an STF earlier that consisted of myself (sci, using a sci-orientated Vesta), a D'Deridex and three Scimitars.

As also assumed, at least one of those Scimitars was, judging by the unrepaired damage, owned by someone who thought that buying a $50 ship = instant 'I win'. He exploded. Often. The other two were.... okay, although I found myself throwing heals in their direction a few times.

On the flip-side, did a Fleet Alert not too long afterward - there was only one Scimitar in that one, and regardless of the fact that it was only the Tholians that spawned, he made short work of anything that crossed his path.

To be fair I suspect that, for the next few days/week at least, there'll be a lot of players who've only just purchased these ships and are testing them in various STF's etc, and I daresay that the STF I referred to was an example of this (with the exception of the player with lots of unrepaired damage, who had clearly used his at least once prior to said STF).

The adage that says 'it's not the ship, it's the player' definitely applied to those two scenarios.
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