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07-03-2013, 03:44 AM
Originally Posted by nierion View Post
So I guess we'll be seeing a ton of people flying these now? This is one of the things that really makes this game lose a sense of immersion. It would be nice to think that the high end ships like Odyssey, Bortas and all those were harder to come by than just throwing money at the company or being thrown a new ship when you level up.

It would be great to have a sense of accomplishment when getting a better ship, so when you see someone flying a Galaxy, Ody, Scimitar or anything like that, you would think, "Wow they must have worked hard to get that".

Still, it looks like they are at least keeping these new ships balanced. I got to say that the ship does look very impressive, good job Cryptic.
I had my fed and kdf collect dilithium and convert to zen since the day they announced the romulan faction to about a week before the faction was released to get the 5000 zen i needed for the 3 pack scimitar. So I believe I earned mine with hard work.