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Given that there is currently no bonus reward, nor an easy way of earning marks enmasse...

How on earth are we supposed to afford NINE HUNDRED marks, Three times!?! And that's not including the 1000 extra for the Beambank & Console!

I'm not sure i understand the logic here...

Omega XII Sets : 1000 marks. - Fair enough, these are really easy to earn, 10-11 STF's maximum per piece.

Romulan XII : 750 marks. - Also reasonable, as they take longer to earn than omega BUT you can earn large sums through the Epohh system, which takes time.

Now we get to Nukara : No way of earning huge amounts of marks at current, Requires the cycling of several dull missions to get even 200 in one day. So, What would make sense? Perhaps 600?


What i'm getting at is please, please, please can these prices be reduced to be more affordable, or can we have some kind of system where we chase baby Tholians around and tag them for marks?
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