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Originally Posted by maliusnight View Post
O_O are you serious? This is so OP I don't know where to start.
We might as well all re-roll Romie, cause nothing is competing with this. 5/3? +40 all Power?
U-LtC? Come on.
+40 All power? You misunderstand. Its actually -10 all power when compared to Fed/KDF ships (which have 50 base in all subsystems).

People really are overreacting to this. Also, in the first day, there are tons of complaints about how the ship dies too quick.

Its not like "that other ship" with a cloak, 8 weapons, a console based super-weapon (the most powerful energy weapon in the game single target), 5 Tac consoles (or 4 and Sensor Analysis, which is a bigger deal than you think) and a universal LtC boffstation has been particularly game breaking or even popular.

Also, I really don't understand the people who are all upset about the Thalaron weapons. The Romulan Republic is not part of the Federation and neither are Republic captains (even if they choose to ally with them). No matter how you chose to act in Frozen (or whichever episode it was) you did not arrest Obisek and in fact started working with him to stop the Tal Shiar. The Romulan Republic includes Obisek's Remans, which are still openly using Thalaron radiation. So according to the game's story, there should be no more reaction to the Scimitars than there is to the Republic in general.

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