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07-03-2013, 11:50 AM
This is a trend I've noticed for a while. People like to say things like grindcore, and heavy on the grind and things like that when the truth of it is you're doing the same things you were doing before you hit level cap, the rewards just don't always come as quick as a new level. And then because everyone else has done it, people think they have to do it as quickly or in the same way and they end up bringing undue stress on their own heads.

Personally, I'm a very structured person. I love logging in at night and doing the same set of missions (dili mining, explore strange new worlds + explore whatever sector I'm trying to get an accolade from, satellite repair, academy mid-term datachip quiz and then my rep stuff; tag eppohs, tau dewa sector patrol + radiation sampling from romulan satellites and tholian red alert and with the addition of Risa I do a race, hunt and dance once a day.) These are all pretty fun missions for me and I enjoy the repetition because it brings order to my life. But there is no need to do the same things over and over. There are so many options to get marks, dili, etc.

If you watch zone chat it kind of seems like more than half of these people aren't even enjoying the game. What with remarks like "what did cryptic break now" and then the constant grinding remarks. You'd think these people were working a job, or forced to play against their will.