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07-03-2013, 01:46 PM
Just one observation to make... All those short, 15-30 minute tasks taken all together is not necessarily a short gaming session, especially when you factor in travel time, zoning, and the occasional lag or disconnect.

People who can log in daily for 2-3 or more hours at a time have it made. Those of us who can't, don't. And having Alts makes it both worse and better... Alts make it easier to park one toon in one spot to grind stuff... but for the things that aren't account-wide, each Alt is just that much more work.

I do Tour the Universe as often as I can. But it's not always available to do when I have time to do it. And it's not just four sector blocks. More like twelve. And there's something screwy with the event calendar... Last night, the event calendar said TtU started at 10:00. I started at 10:00, finished one run, started another run and the event ended on me well before 11:00. So no, I didn't get a full hour to keep repeating it. Don't know why.

Spent pretty much everything I earned on fleet project materials. Easy come, quickly gone.

So, I don't disagree that there's a lot to do and you can mostly make (slow) progress with the things you already want to do. But there's a grind alright.
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