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Originally Posted by robertuso View Post
I had my fed and kdf collect dilithium and convert to zen since the day they announced the romulan faction to about a week before the faction was released to get the 5000 zen i needed for the 3 pack scimitar. So I believe I earned mine with hard work.
I too have worked hard to get ships. And I'm not just talking about C-Store ships either. I'm talking about the ships that you get given when you rank up as well. I personally feel that the higher end ships, including the ones you get given at 40-50 shouldn't be just dropped in your lap or at least have the option to upgrade your existing ships through a proper upgrade system and not just go out and get a Fleet Ship or be able to throw money at Cryptic and get something easily.

It's that sense of immersion that get's lost when you see everybody flying all these top end ships, as well as other faction ships like the Galor & JHAS. But anyway, I'm not sure on the Scimitar. Sometimes I really miss the P2P model, as opposed to this micro transaction method.

I've heard some people mention there might be a fleet version of this ship, but haven't seen any hard evidence.

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