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Starfleet Records
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Vice Admiral Sodin S. Ram was born in a small town in Pella, located in the district of Central Macedonia, on the northern part of Greece, under the name Edessa. His father, was Starfleet Captain Solong Ram, Captain of the U.S.S. Pella, who became famous in his encounters with the Borg Collective, and was killed after putting his ship in a colliding course with the Borg Queen Octaherdon, after evacuating the ship's crew, and had to do it manually since the ship's auto pilot had been disabled, apparently a week before the encounter. His actions, allowed enough time for the remaining ships to escape the Borg forces and also killing the Borg Queen, at the Ambush on Hotep IV, making the battle a phyrric victory for the Federation, because despite their losses, the loss of their Queen, forced the Borg to abandon their current position and regroup.

At the age of eighteen , Sodin Ram decided to join Starfleet and after 5 years of extensive tactical training, he became a first officer, and latter the captain of the ship he would name U.S.S Ambassador after his superior was killed in Ram's first encounter with the Borg, the species that killed his father. Later on, Ram advanced relatively quickly among ranks, and had taken place in the Klingon Front and against the Romulan Star Empire, and took part in the skirmishes over Deep Space 9 Station. Afterwards he took part against the Breen, the Borg Collective and the Undine, also known as Species 8472. Currently he operates within the Omega Force,taking once again arms against the Borg Collective*.

While he's been criticised by other officers, thanks to his - sometimes - unorthodox techiques, and a extensive like on females, Vice Admiral Ram is one of the most efficent Captains on Starfleet, with a considerable ammount of commendations, and, as some should say, trained to "perfection", in Hand to Hand Combat and Battle Strattegies, as well in Guerrilla tactics, and is one of the most accurate sharpshooters in Starfleet.

It's also interesting that after Ram named his second ship U.S.S. Phoenix, he kept his two first ships names, and named his other ships in the current system:

U.S.S Ambassador U.S.S. Phoenix U.S.S. Ambassador II U.S.S Phoenix II U.S.S. Ambassador III but named his last ship U.S.S. Alliance.

Sodin Ram has been engaged to one of his Bridge Officers, Nora Matthews, since December 16 2209**.

Notes: * ** Subject to change.


Ok took me some time to write it. I wrote this first on the WordPad but when I pasted it, some words got unbolded so I just did the important stuff. Hope it looks fine. I'll come with Klingon and Romulan posts. Maybe a Cardassian one too.