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# 14 I like the floaters too.
07-04-2013, 05:32 AM
I strongly agree that we should get a chance to use them outside of the Risa summer event. In fact I went to the old Risa map and it doesn't work there

I would recommend starting out with social maps first: Bajor, Vulcan, Andoria, Starfleet Academy and Q'onos First City. Maybe merge Risa regular map with the Risa summer event map??

If that works out, then expand it to combat maps like Defera Borg Invasion, the Tholian dailies, STFs, and spice up some of the ground combat areas. I know that in "Cutting the Cord" (Romulan feature episode) and "The Undying" and "A Fistful of Gorn" (Romulan Republic storyline), a floater would be extremely helpful to get to places.

I don't know how long you guys have been playing computer games, but I had great fun in Duke Nukem 3D with a jetpack and an RPG. It's a hoot just gibbing lizard troopers from the air!
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